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My Best Nut
(in production)

Jude isn't the life of the party; he is the party.  But this is only after he's forced to spend his days in the hospital fighting cancer. Soon the patients around him look forward to seeing him as much as they don't look forward to the next round of their own treatment. 

Family (2019)

The film “Family” deals on the periphery with an anti-bullying theme, but more directly with the themes of helping the “other” and seeing family as the community around us. It is based on a day when I saw my younger brother being beaten up across the field that lay between our school and our house.

Seven (2019)

"Seven" is an awareness piece about the culture of violence in African American relationships. The story follows Kay and Tara, two survivors who bond by helping each through trauma. The women have trained and formed an unorthodox domestic violence extraction team.

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Field Day (2018)

Field Day is a dark comedy mockumentary following new Marine lieutenant Josh Copeland and his platoon of misfits as he struggles to navigate the world of the Marine Corps and earn the respect of his men.

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Before You Woke (2017)

Amelia, a martial arts trained operative, must decide if she will wait to be rescued from her kidnapper or try to take matters into her own hands.

Rockabye (2017)

John’s wife is killed in a car accident on her birthday. He is trying to hold his family together by the skin of his teeth in a society that does not appreciate single parents. He is a facet of each of us. Join us on a journey of love, loss, grief, and moving forward. 

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Some Years
Earlier (2016)

When finding love means facing your worst fears,  Some Years Earlier explores the universal human experience of being Born, Broken, and Recovering.   Jacob, a mechanical whiz, leaves home only to find that he may be what stands between what he has and what he really wants. 

Through Air & Water (2016)

In 1965 Will Forman designed Deep Voyager, a ground-breaking submarine that was never built. His idea could change multiple industries at sea today. Now, at 91 years old, he is building a test model to prove his concept, promote his book, and perhaps see his sub come to life.

The Coming of Age (2015)

The Coming of Age is about a woman who is beginning to suffer from Alzheimer's. The film is meant to raise issues and spark conversations about Alzheimer's, including the growing stress for adult caregivers who are dealing with their parents' failing mental health. 

Home (2014)

The increased need for care of an aging parent causes a young successful couple's real problems to start to surface. As they struggle to express their discontent, they can find all the words except the ones they really need. 

The Night Before the Morning After (2013) 

Unaware of her past, Anne’s friends do their best to help her get over a failed relationship.  When the pressure becomes too much, Anne's repressed traumas explode in a cathartic moment where she makes a choice that is both horrific and heroic.

Superhero Me (2012)

Not your ordinary superhero movie—no lycra, no costumes. Our hero is loved by his community fo​r his heroic deeds, but he's not loved by himself. His journey leads him to have to decide who has the truest perception of him; himself or those around him.

Night of the 1% (2012)

An earnest busboy dreams of striking gold playing the stock market so he can leave his menial job behind.  But when his sharp investing skills pay off, he’s met with a horrifying consequence he never expected.

My Brother's Other Mother (2011)

Left by his birth mother in the Dominican Republic, Tony's first six months of life were spent in an orphanage, until his adoption. Growing up just outside of Chicago, Tony went on to receive two Masters degrees while beginning a family of his own. At the age of 30, he decided to return to  to search for his birth mother.
This is his story.

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