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Production industry leaders pledge to support COVID-19 vaccination rollout


It has been almost a year since the World Health Organization formally declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, and the global production industry paused. Vaccines are being administered to high-priority populations and front line workers, and in the coming months, we are eagerly anticipating our turn to receive the vaccine.


As leaders in the production industry, we want to do everything in our power to support the mass-vaccination effort within our own networks and communities, a collection of millions of professionals.


To support this goal, we are pledging to take several specific actions as leaders in production:


  • We pledge that we will provide reliable information from public health agencies to our employees, teams, and crews to educate them on the safety, efficacy, and importance of the vaccine.

  • We pledge that as soon as the vaccines are available to the wider population, we will be providing information to our employees, teams, and crews about where, when and how people can be vaccinated.

  • We pledge that we will encourage our employees, teams, and crews to get vaccinated because mass-vaccination is a major step towards production as usual.

  • We pledge that we will employ our networks to amplify our vaccination stories and fight against misinformation.

By making this pledge, we are advocating as members of the production industry to continue health and safety support during the global COVID-19 pandemic. We want to do our part and we’re encouraging all production leadership to join us in making this pledge.


Posted: February 25, 2021

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