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Left by his birth mother in a hospital that served one of the poorest communities in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic, Tony's first six months of life were spent in an orphanage, until his adoption. Growing up just outside of Chicago, Tony went on to receive two Masters degrees in the field of education while beginning a family of his own. At the age of 30, he decided to return to the Dominican Republic to search for his birth mother. This is his story.


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In the Spring of 2005 my younger brother, Tony, went to the Dominican Republic to search for his birth mother.  Tony was adopted at 6 months old and since that time until  this trip he had spent a week back in his hometown of Santo Domingo. My goal for this project was to walk the fine line between being a supportive brother and an objective journalist.  And as such "My Brother’s Other Mother"  explores both the search for Tony’s birth mother and the journey leading him up to the point of wanting to undertake both the emotional and physical toll of trying to locate the one who orphaned  him so many years before.  

documentary film 2011
collaborative technical creative
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