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In 1965 Will Forman designed Deep Voyager, a ground-breaking submarine that was never built. His idea could change multiple industries at sea today. Now, at 91 years old, he is building a test model to prove his concept, promote his book, and perhaps see his sub come to life.

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About Will

Will Forman, a legend among deep sea pilots and engineers., built the first American deep sea sub, Deep Jeep, for the Navy in the 1950s. As the age of sea exploration blossomed with Jacques Cousteau center stage, Will was tapped to design various submersibles for the government, tourism, and treasure hunters. “What these guys were doing in the deep seas was all new and unknown; they were like the Wright brothers,” says Naval Sub Commander Charles MacVean, “What Will was doing back then is why subs work the way they do today.”  At 91 years old, Will still stands to change the entire sub industry again as he tests a new sub design he invented 50 years ago.  This film puts a face to the pioneering of deep sea exploration. Behind the innovations is a man who has quietly lived out many adventures and continues to challenge himself to the very end.

Meet the Crew

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David Bradburn

With over 30 years of directing and producing experience, Bradburn's award-winning films have screened across the country, as well as in Europe and Asia.


His most recent short film, Family, has already won awards and continues to be screened at festivals across the US.


David has worked in the Indie film world, corporate video world, Network television as well as having a background in social work and education.


When not on set, he spends most of his time working and planning and thinking about being — back on set.



Joel McGinty

McGinty is a former freelance cinematographer and camera operator in Chicago. He started Via Pictures to focus more on documentary filmmaking. 


Joel began working on documentaries when he made, Cocal Gracias, which followed a community as they moved out of a city dump in Honduras and into new housing provided by NGOs. The film was used to raise funds for building a trade school and screened at the San Diego Film Festival (2007).


McGinty worked as gaffer and editor for "Mound Bayou: Jewel of the Delta", which won Best Documentary at the Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival, screened at the Black Harvest Film Festival, aired on PBS (2014) and was nominated for an Emmy.

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Associate Producer

Dan Dietrich

Dietrich has experience as a camera operator for news and live events. He works in retail buying for food stores in Chicago and has taken his understanding of business and marketing to help form Via Pictures with Joel McGinty. Dietrich is in charge of fundraising for Through Air and Water. Dietrich also produced and directed "Memorable Moments", for Westminster Place of the Presbyterian Homes.

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