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Not your ordinary superhero movie-- no lycra, no costumes. Our hero is loved by his community fo​r his heroic deeds, but he's not loved by himself. Watch as he attempts to reconcile his extra-ordinary gifts and his self-perceived social awkwardness. His journey leads him to have to decide who has the truest perception of him; himself or those around him.


Superhero Me short film 2012

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Finalist - Screening and Writing Competition


In an age where the big box office dollars are all in the mass production of superhero and comic book adaptations, it is always refreshing to see small-time independent filmmakers turn their shoestring budgets towards an ambitious hero tale of their own.

The London Review

when Bradburn’s effort came across our desks it was approached with a weary sense of skepticism, thankfully about ten minutes in you realise that this is unwarranted and Superhero Me comes out fighting.

Strangers in Cinema

Overall, Superhero Me is a short film which works well as a character study of one man’s journey to discovering his true perception of himself. It is refreshing to see an exploration of self-doubt and anxiety explored in a film of this subject matter.

UK Film Review

Meet the Cast & Crew

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David Bradburn

With over 30 years of directing and producing experience, Bradburn's award-winning films have screened across the country, as well as in Europe and Asia.


His most recent short film, Family, has already won awards and continues to be screened at festivals across the US.


David has worked in the Indie film world, corporate video world, Network television as well as having a background in social work and education.


When not on set, he spends most of his time working and planning and thinking about being — back on set.



Craig James Jr.

Born and raised in Miami, Craig earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science and Theatre from Hanover College.
At Hanover, Craig starred in theatrical productions such as The Glass Menagerie, The Tempest, and She Stoops to Conquer.  Craig went on to study acting at Circle in the Square Theater School in New York City, where he landed his first feature film role in New York Lately.
Currently, Craig is involved in several Chicago-based independent film projects, and is on stage at The Den Theater in Circus! Circus!
Jacob Daniel Moore 2013-8-3-17:12:3


Jacob Daniel Moore

Over the past decade, Jacob Moore has assembled a diverse body of work. He played a principal in Discovery Channel's “Fields of Valor” series, performed stunt work on the FX pilot “Powers,” and has worked with Ron Howard.
Jacob’s commercial projects and clients include Dunkin' Donuts, Cheez-It (Kellogg's), BP, NBC, Kenmore, and Cisco. Jacob studied with legendary casting director Jane Alderman, Second City’s Michael Gellman, and voiceover guru Maurice Tobias.
Jacob is the founder of, a grassroots movement to promote mental wellness.


Jeannette DiGiovine

Jeannette DiGiovine knew what she wanted from the start.  An actor since childhood, her career has blossomed to include commercials, voice over, and print modeling. 
Jeannette’s recent film roles include “Between Western and California,” “The Dinner Party”, and “Boot the Pigeon.”  She is currently writing a feature film script and is involved in a new theatrical production.


collaborative technical creative
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