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Out of District (2013)

Out of District, created for the 2013, 48 Hour Film Race shows that sometimes you can't escape tragedy. On this project, our  assigned genre was crime or film noir, the character had to be Mike or Michelle Madigan who are chemists, and there had to be a remote control as a prop. Additionally, the line "why didn't I think of that" had to be incorporated. Well, we hit all the marks and this resulted in a sad crime story. Enjoy.

The Kiln (2013)

Created for the 24 Hour Film Race, The Kiln shows that sometimes, all we need is a do-over. With an assigned theme of time travel, prop as an egg and action of crumpling paper, FORK THE MAN wrote and filmed The Kiln at Lill Street Art Center. Not surprisingly, playing with clay erased all stresses of time constraint.

No Youtube because of computer restrictions?  Watch at Vimeo

Attack of the Killer Toilet (2012)

Created for the Roger Corman Trailer Contest run by Terror in the Aisles, this fun short included the campy and ominous characteristics of a classic 1950's horror trailer.  Yes, the silliness is intentional.

Dan (2012)

Created for the 100 Hour Film Race, Dan explores detachment in black comedy form.  With an assigned theme of detachment, prop as a carrot, and action of locking something, FORK THE MAN filmed Dan at Dev Photography with a talented cast and crew.

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