Sometimes all we can do is share the best of us with the rest of us. 

Jude isn't the life of the party; he is the party.  But this is only after he's forced to spend his days in the hospital fighting cancer. Soon the patients around him look forward to seeing him as much as the don't look forward to the next round of their own treatment.  
Script Competition

Are you looking for support because you or someone you know suffers from testicular cancer? contact Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation at 

Meet the Cast & Crew

David Bradburn - Writer/Director

With over 30 years of directing and producing experience, Bradburn's award-winning films have screened across the country, as well as in Europe and Asia. His most recent short film, titled Family, has already won awards and continues to be screened at festivals across the US. David has worked in the Indie film world, corporate video world, Network television as well as having a background in social work and education. When not on set, he spends most of his time working and planning and thinking about being — back on set.

Anthony Gibson - Social Impact Producer

Anthony is a writer and film producer based out of Chicago, IL. In 2019, he received an Individual Artist Program grant from the city of Chicago for his film Weird Valley and his debut poetry collection, Lionfly, arrives spring 2020. Together with Keaton Wooden, he works alongside nonprofits to produce his films. 

Joel McGinty - Cinematographer

McGinty is a former freelance cinematographer and camera operator in Chicago. He started Via Pictures to focus more on documentary filmmaking.  Joel began working on documentaries when he made, Cocal Gracias, which followed a community as they moved out of a city dump in Honduras and into new housing provided by NGOs. The film was used to raise funds for building a trade school and screened at the San Diego Film Festival (2007). Since moving to Chicago, he has worked on music videos that played on MTV JAMS, VH1, and BET. McGinty worked as gaffer and editor for "Mound Bayou: Jewel of the Delta", which won Best Documentary at the Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival, screened at the Black Harvest Film Festival, aired on PBS (2014) and was nominated for an Emmy.

Jude Roche - Jude

Jude Roche is a Chicago native with a BA in Theatre Performance and a member of SAG-AFTRA. He is returning to Fork The Man Productions for My Best Nut. Other film credits include Trick and Treats (Heroic Age Studios), Win it All (Forage Films), Blood and Water (Vicious Motion), The Coming of Age (Fork The Man Productions), and Other People’s Heads (SC Films). TV credit Chicago Justice (NBC). Web credits include Monsters Anonymous (Multiple Hats Productions), and Dr. Good (The Onion). Theatre credits include Elizabeth Rex and Romeo & Juliet (Chicago Shakespeare Theatre), The Shadow Over Innsmouth and Kill Me! (Wildclaw Theatre Company), 9 Circles (Sideshow Theatre Company), Richard III (Wayward Productions), Coriolanus (The Hypocrites),  Henry V and King Henry The Fourth (Oak Park Festival Theatre), and The Master and Margarita (Strawdog Theatre Company).

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