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Deep Jeep

The first sub Will Forman designed was Deep Jeep. It was the first American made sub of its kind. After meeting with Jacques Cousteau and his crew to study the famous Soucoupe saucer sub, Will designed Deep Jeep which was capable of reaching depths of 2,000 feet and was twice as fast as Soucoupe. Deep Jeep was designed at China Lake, CA in order to recover lost torpedoes from sub drills. It was later loaned to Scripps Institute of Oceanography in San Diego, CA. Today it's whereabouts are unknown - it's fate we are attempting to discover.

Will went on to design other subs we will profile in future posts. The knowledge Will learned from making Deep Jeep he passed on to colleagues working on Sea Pup, which became Alvin, the most active manned sub in the world. A later iteration of Alvin was eventually used in discovering the Titanic.

Watch a film about deep-sea subs here, Cousteau's Soucoupe and Forman's Deep Jeep are both in this's a bit dated, but has some great footage of these iconic subs.

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