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FORK THE MAN PRODUCTIONS is an independent film and video company founded on strong storytelling and collaborative ideals.


Producers of several Chicago-based short films, FORK THE MAN brings a creative, cooperative approach to both film and commercial production. FORK THE MAN develops projects by empowering the voices of the artists they work with, and helping businesses realize their potential by connecting their stories with their customers.


FORK THE MAN aspires to join with other filmmakers to grow the Chicago production community, recognizing and developing the great talent that the city has to offer.   



To provide a variety of video production services that flow from a strong background in producing, directing, and post-production through developing a multi-disciplinary team of video professionals. We will service both internal and client-based projects.



In high school we substituted the word “fork” for the more gratifying yet troublesome “eff word.”  Years later, I heard Iron & Wine’s song “Trapeze Swinger” with lyrics that said Heaven’s gates have been graffiti-tagged with “F—the man.”

I understood the notion of shaking our fist at something bigger than ourselves that seems to be out to get us or at least ignoring us.  I brought these ideas together, making the man (our problems) in the logo smaller than the fork and the hand that wields it.  The concept is that the obstacle that bothers us and keeps us from becoming our truest self is smaller than us.  Our resources are immense, but we have to choose to engage them.  It is my hope that we embrace our power (the fork) and Fork the Man.

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