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Rainmaker Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads

Offer 1


Video only

You provide the images

& logo suite

We make the video

  • 30 second video 16x9 or square

  • 15 second version 16x9 or square

  • Choice of Stock Music (same song for both versions)

  • 3 rounds of edits



Amazon AdsOffer  2


Pix & Vids

You provide the product

& logo suite

We make the photos & video

NOTE: The video is made from the photos


  • 30 second video 16x9 or square

  • 15 second version

  • Choice of Stock Music (same song for both versions)

  • 1 Location

  • 3 rounds of edits

Amazon Ads

Offer 3


The Bag of Chips

You provide the product

& the logo Suite

We work our magic

  • 30 second video 16x9 or square

  • Choice of Music from stock Library

  • Choice of lifestyle or studio shoot

  • Up to 5 different shots showcasing the product and its uses

  • 3 rounds of edits

  • 1 location

  • Up to 1 model

Add Ons
Because we can do so much more

  • Additional sizes

  • Multiple ads with different images

  • Voice Over

  • 3 unique 30 second ads $1000

  • We can scale from here to TV commercials

  • Lifestyle Product videos

  • Full animation motion graphics

  • Long form video (kickstarter, branding video, product testimonial)

  • Drone footage

  • 1 or more models

    20 minute phone consult $40

Contact Us

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Amazon, Branding, & Social Media
Savour and Sapphire 30 second Web Ad
Savour & Sapphire Wedding and Engagement
Drink Local Two Hound Red
16x9 social media ad
Grounds Spec Ad
Vertical Branding Spec.mp4
Grounds - Brew Local
Fire Brew Local
Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 2.52.56 PM.png

Either YOU HAPPEN to Life, or Life Happens to You: A daily challenge and reflection journal

This three month challenge and reflection journal is based on the belief that if you tackle the one hardest thing you need to do everyday first, then you will be more productive but also transform you mind and belief systsems that keep you from your fullest and best potential. 

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