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Daisy's Oracle

Written and Directed 


Kiea Houseton

Before we knew that love was a choice, we relied on the power of the petal.


Kiea Houseton Writer & Director

Kiea Houseton was raised on the south side of Chicago.  She double majored in Sociology and Theatre at Bradley University as well as completed an advanced degree in Education. Kiea has had the opportunity to gain industry knowledge from the sets of The Mob Doctor, Underemployed, ER, The Matadors, Sirens and Leverage.  Other experiences include: directing the Peoria Park Players traveling troupe, assistant producing Beauty and the Beast at the Paramount Theatre and coaching students who have procured acting scholarships, agents and managers inNew York and Los Angeles.  Her current projects are working as a producer for "Some Years Earlier" and "Open", an action film with strong female leads. 


There is nothing greater than telling a story.  She continually asks:  Who will we inspire with our art?  Who will have a life epiphany?  Who will leave the film refreshed from complete engrossment away from the mundane?  "Daisy's Oracle marks Houseton's writing and directing debut,  and she is excited about  giving the audience an experience that motivates essential change.  She is excited to team up some of Chicago's finest!

Harmony Elise Jones - Daisy

Harmony Elise Jones Harmony began modeling at the age of 2 and acting at the age of 5, and she has been training and working as an actress/model ever since. In her pastime, Harmony enjoys staying active and being creative. She loves displaying original artwork in art exhibits in addition to hip-hop dancing and sailing among various other activities. Prior theater work includes a role in the children's ensemble for Evita at the Jedlicka Performing Arts Center, and her most recent television credits include a co-star role on the ABC network television drama Betrayal. Harmony is thrilled to take on the role of Daisy and explore the character in greater depth.

Rachel Cornille - Rose


Rachel Cornille makes her first on-camera role with Rose.  Rachel began acting a year ago, performing in local theater in plays, Annie, Jr. and The Christmas Schooner.  She also played the lead role in Mulan, Jr. at Pheasant Run Theater.  Ten year old Rachel loves to act and sing, and her dream is to be on Broadway one day!  In the meantime, she lives in St. Charles, Illinois with her parents and older brother.  When not performing or taking voice lessons, she can be found with her nose in a good book or outdoors playing with neighborhood friends.

Nahlia Tindal - Violet

Nahlia Tindal is 10 years old she resides in Beach Park Il, where she is in the 5th grade.  She had the opportunity to attend IMTA NY 2015 where she was signed with talent agencies.  Since her signing she has appeared on the TV show Sirens, Demco catalogue and American Girl Doll catalogue.  She is currently holding the title of Jr. Miss Beach Park 2016.

Theresa Marie - Mrs. Jackson

Theresa Marie is an actress, writer, poet, and minister whose artistic expressions embody the spirit of creative liberty.  She carries an ability to enlighten, inform, exhort, and engage her audience through relevant and revelatory messages of hope, purpose, healing, and personal responsibility.  In January 2016, she launched Theresa Marie Incorporated—a creative arts company designed to provide opportunities for artists to live their dreams of performance.  She balances this great work with acting classes, auditions, and a second career in Real Estate Management and Development.  We are excited to have a front seat to her success, and look forward to the what is to come from Theresa Marie and TMI.

Julia Jimenez - Neighbor

Julio Jimenez was born in Mexico and raised in Florida and California.  From a young age, he has always felt a strong pull towards the industry no matter if it was as an actor, director or agent.  During high school and after, he has attended acting courses in Chicago and the suburbs.  As years went on, Julio has made positive impressions with directors in Chicago and New York, as well as with producers and agents in Chicago.  Recently, he has been working behind the camera with social media marketing for an upcoming film, “Rockabye”.  In his down time, Julio attends fencing lessons and has recently developed an interest in archery. 

David Bradburn - Cinematographer & Producer

Whether he’s serving as writer, producer or director, Bradburn wants to do more than just make movies: he seeks partnerships with other local film makers to put Chicago on the map as the premier independent film making city. Bradburn’s films include “Home”,  “The Night Before The Morning After”, “Superhero Me”, a finalist in the 2012 Beverly Hills Film Fest Writing Competition, My Brother’s Other Mother ­– a documentary chronicling his younger brother’s search for his birth mother in the Dominican Republic, and  “The Coming of Age” which was written by Northwestern University’s Film Department Chair, Dave Tolchinsky. Bradburn’s successful launch into Chicago’s independent film community most recently landed him assignments with Kenmore and FOX. His current projects include: Some Years Earlier, a coming of age story about the universal tale of over coming one's past.; and "Daisy's Oracle"which is his third collaboration with Houseton.

Teresa Mathew - Editor

Teresa Mathew is as editor based in Chicago. Born and raised in India, Teresa moved to Chicago to pursue her Masters in Cinema Production from DePaul University and has worked on several short films in the two years since. She has also gained experience as an intern at production companies in Chicago. As a freelancer, Teresa has edited and produced numerous short films, documentaries and promotional videos. TRANSition Day, a short film that she produced and edited was the official selection at Queer Bits Summer Film Festival, Chicago, among other festivals around the world. In addition to her freelance work, Teresa currently works for Mango Post Chicago, as a Dailies Operator on a Network Television Show.

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