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I've had all kinds of experiences as a screenwriter, but watching directorDavid Bradburn and his Chicago-based cast and crew bring my script to life in such a passionate, artful, fun, nuanced, intense and frightening manner reminded me why I wanted to be a screenwriter in the first place. Thanks to Fork the Man for commissioning me to write this short.


It was a pleasure to work with Fork the Man and David Bradburn, who is professional, respectful of writers, and able to articulate his vision as a director. The environment he created on the set was efficient, warm, and encouraging of creativity. Whatever David did – I’ve never seen a cast and crew work so hard on a film project. Clearly, he inspires the best in the people he works with.


Fork the Man is extremely well run and professional.  I would definitely recommend.


David E. Tolchinsky - Writer "The Coming of Age"

Working with David Bradburn is my idea of best-case scenario. He creates a collaborative environment on all levels, and supports creative exploration. The most striking thing about David’s set is the way his calm demeanor infuses the workday, and influences everyone on set. Team building is a real strong suit of David’s: I felt the creative intent and focus of the cinematographer and crew to a remarkable degree. Thoroughly prepped, he is also flexible when the inevitable unexpected circumstance happens. Undergirding all of this is his very creative, artful mind, which keeps all involved in a project excited and energized. I truly felt freed to do my best work with David directing the film. 


Anne Jacques - Lead Actress "The Coming of Age"

I’ve worked with David on a number of films, both his and my own.  I love working on his films because he exudes professionalism but without a stiff attitude.  He’s one of the most laid-back guys I know, which is a big deal in a stressful industry.  He’s also worked on a number of films for the Vanishing Point and as far as we’re concerned he’s welcome on each and every one of our sets.  He brings more than shooting and producing experience - he brings creativity, leadership, and focus.  


Josh Orr, The Vanishing Point

48 hours on the go.  Creativity is necessary.  Professionalism is a must.  Enthusiasm is epidemic.  Out of control efficient.


Having David Bradburn and his crew for the 48 Hour Film Fest on the set is nothing but a great experience.  In just a few hours, I witnessed how David worked from beginning to end.  His focus is always to create a great movie - to project to his audience a feeling that needed to be conveyed.  I am amazed at his calmness on the set.  Truly a leader to his team.   I watched the film a few days later, and yes, his film stood out from the rest.  David Bradburn and FORK THE MAN are gifts of art to the community.   I look forward in working with him in the future on a few projects.  Thank you for such a great experience!


Helen G. Caldwell, Executive Producer  Canal Productions

David Bradburn has produced 4 different videos for my company and he has been fantastic to work with. Anyone can produce a video these days, but David's industry experience and independent film background brought a level of professionalism and artistry that shows in every piece he creates. He's more than just a video guy, he is a collaborative partner who has helped me tell my story. When I describe the feel I want a piece to have, David has the technical know-how and the creative sensibilities to create that feel. Having an ally like David in a technically specialized field is a real asset and he has helped me put my best foot forward.


Lightning Atkinson, Business Consultant

During the shooting process, I was with David for nearly an entire week, almost nonstop.  David had the discernment to push when he needed to increase the energy and to lay back when it was better to move more slowly.  While editing, he worked tirelessly to ensure that the film told a consistent story while delivering an award-winning punch to the gut.  His balance of humor and insightful composition kept audiences involved through the end. For example, seeing that this filming venture was an emotional venture as well, there was a specific day when I was willing to stop moving forward and start a wasteful detour of tourist proportions.  After sharing this feeling, David mentioned that we had more options.  As he started to share, we became reinvigorated with the prospective options until, finally, we made a critical phone call to a local television studio.  After hearing me out, they invited us to come in to talk with them.  During that face-to-face conversation, they learned more details about my search for my birth mother and were compelled to aid us.  In fact, that very night, they invited me onto their national television show to share my story with the country.


Tony Bradburn, subject of My Brother’s Other Mother

Working on set with David is a special thrill.  On an all-night shoot under time constraints, his energy and can-do logistical drive made the impossible seem suddenly possible.  On the pre-production end, David's creativity is infectious.  My ideas for scripts always got better whenever I collaborated with David.  Patient, deliberate, and persistent in his writing, David keeps his vision for a script vividly alive while still allowing for the happy accidents of the writing process to enrich the details of character and scene.


Nick Kryczka co-writer and actor "Cherem" & co-writer "Superhero Me"





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