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HOME (2014)

The increased need for care of an aging parent causes a young successful couple's real problems to start to surface. As they struggle to express their discontent, they can find all the words except the ones they really need. 


Executive Producers: Helen Caldwell & Mike Krukowski

In Association with Canal Productions


Official selection laurel.HEIC

This is not the first time that a short film, even the few that trickle our way here at Strangers, has managed to marry simple drama with complex and subtle production values but Home reeks of solid, determined directorial influence – quite simply better directorial influence than we’re used to seeing, even on the relatively manageable small stage of the short short.

Strangers in Cinema

The strong emotions depicted by the father were truly well executed, even through his paralysis his eyes and mouth twitch uncontrollably. Everyone has felt the need to jump out of their own skin, the viewer can sympathies with father very easily. And realize that some problems aren’t as big as they seem to be, or could be worse.

Fraking Films

David Bradburn’s Home begins with an image of optimism. A man (Jake Moore) fondly feeds his father (Tom McElroy), who is suffering from a disease that has apparently left him paralyzed. He cannot feed himself, and as per the man’s wife (Lindsay Rathert), he cannot understand what’s happening around him (the man protests otherwise). The couple undoubtedly has a job that pays well. The house looks splendid, the furniture is polished, and there are no specks of dust as far as the eyes reach. Although these outer surfaces appear to be firm and shiny, the people living in them are crumbling and rotting.

UK Film Review

Meet the Cast & Crew

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David Bradburn

With over 30 years of directing and producing experience, Bradburn's award-winning films have screened across the country, as well as in Europe and Asia.


His most recent short film, Family, has already won awards and continues to be screened at festivals across the US.


David has worked in the Indie film world, corporate video world, Network television as well as having a background in social work and education.


When not on set, he spends most of his time working and planning and thinking about being — back on set.



Lindsay Rathert

Lindsay received her bachelor's degree in Theatre from Northwestern University in 2008. Since then, she has been working professionally on-camera in both Chicago and Los Angeles; while in LA, Lindsay also worked in Acquisitions and Development at Paramount Vantage. In addition to acting, she co-owns Burnt Sugar Productions, an independent production company here in Chicago.


Director of Photography

Joel McGinty

McGinty Joel McGinty has worked in camera, lighting, and editing departments on numerous documentary and commercial works. His documentary, Cocal Gracias, told the story of a church helping a community in Honduras rise above poverty and helped raise $70,000 to construct a trade school. His credits include "The Wedding Pact", "The Last Letter", and Dreams



Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore has been an entertainment professional for over a decade. During that time, highlights include a principal role for Discovery Channel‘s Fields of Valor series, stuntwork  in the ‘Powers’ pilot for FX and work with Ron Howard in ‘The Dilemma’. Additional credits include work for Cheez-It, BP, Dunkin’ Donuts, NBC, Kenmore, Cisco, among dozens of others. He has trained with legendary casting director, Jane Alderman, Second City great, Michael Gellman and voiceover guru Marice Tobias. Jacob is also the founder of, a non-profit organization advocating for mental health equality.

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Tom McElroy

Tom jumped in to the biz with both feet back in 1993 and has not looked back. He has appeared in more than 40 independent short films, and several feature length films including The Dark Knight, Fallen Souls, and What If. Television credits include episodes of  Chicago Fire, Chicago Code, Early Edition,  and Prison Break (recurring as Rev. Mailor). His Chicago stage experience includes performances at The Goodman, Steppenwolf, Writer's Theatre, Baliwick, Theatre on the Lake, Timeline and Eclipse theatres (including three Jeff Award winning productions - "Another Part Of The Forest" – Eclipse, and "Hauptman" and The Farnsworth Invention” - TimeLine). He also performs in live industrial shows, industrial film (including two award-winning productions for Sears), commercials and voice over. Tom and his lovely wife Sally enjoy their children, their grandchildren, their extended families, reading together, film, trips and entertaining with friends.


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